About Us

Welcome to your one stop site for all things geeky. This is a place where you’d find news, articles, stories or scoops that have a twist of tech in it. Our main essence is, if it’s got a techie flavour in it, we’ll report it from the perspective of a geek.

We believe technology is becoming (If it hasn’t become already) the bedrock of human civilization today. We have gone past the Stone Age, bronze age, iron age, jet age and other countless ages. Currently, we are in the digital age, kinda like the tech age and indeed many aspects of our lives have been taken over by technology, (If you’re not living in the cave, that is). For us here, we call it the Geek Age.

Today ideas rule the world. Most of the businesses and startups making waves today are run by folks leveraging on information technology. They churn out products and services that we consume daily and end up not being able to remember how we managed without these things in the past. End-users don’t have to be computer science grads to be able to use these products and services. They just turn geeks and start consuming.

Join us on a fun and informative ride on this site as we bring you scoops from the perspective of a geek. Here, we hope to cover periodically stories that revolve around technology and we’ll Endeavour to break it down and digest it with relevance to our readers. We also have vital information about gadgetry deals that will be of immense importance to you on our market section. Everyone is a potential geek today what with the fact that information is power. Let’s make you one as you tour this blog site reading your own story titled ‘The Making of a Geek ‘.

Welcome once more, and please, go geekish, dear friends.