Samsung’s Galaxy beats Apple’s iPhone in creating positive customer sentiments

A latest study by LikeFolio has suggested that Samsung’s Galaxy phones garnered more positive sentiments on Twitter than iPhones.
You could be better off with a Samsung Galaxy flagship instead of a pricey Apple iPhone according to this study.

 You could be better off with a Samsung Galaxy flagship instead of a pricey Apple iPhone according to this study.

The Apple vs Samsung debate has been raging on for ages for their respective fanboys. One side will be all praise for Apple’s secure and connected ecosystem whereas the other clan will be chanting Samsung’s name for their innovative smartphone lately. Here’s something to ignite the fuel — a study by LikeFolio has suggested that Samsung Galaxy owners are more satisfied with their Galaxy smartphones than Apple’s iPhones when it comes to expressing their intentions on Twitter.

The study, published on Yahoo Finance, went on to study how positively customers of both the brands are feeling about their devices on Twitter. Apple has managed to score a consistent 60 – 70 per cent of positive sentiments on Twitter, which is respectable for any brand. However, Samsung has a more dynamic graph over the period of study. The South Korean giant had seen a massive dip in consumer sentiments last fall when the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco took place, which eventually led Samsung to withdraw the handset from the market.


iphone vs samsung

However, the company gained on people’s trust quickly after this year’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus launch in the spring. Since then, Twitter users have been more satisfied with their Samsung Galaxy smartphones than they have been with their Apple iPhones. However, Samsung has yet to recover the higher numbers it initially gained before the Note 7 incident.

Do note that this research was primarily conducted in a time period where Apple was depending on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus — two models that were considered to be mere upgrades to the already ‘seemingly generic’ iPhone 6S. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were also seen as refreshed iPhone 6S models and haven’t received as much interest as their more expensive cousin. The Samsung Galaxy S8, on the other hand, marked a Samsung’s return as an OEM known for pushing innovative and good-looking smartphones. The Galaxy S8 was well received by both the media and the consumers across the world for a beautiful display and build, a capable camera and capable hardware.

However, the results could change by next year as Apple’s ‘revolutionary’ iPhone X will accumulate considerable months in its shelf life and could appeal to flagship smartphone buyers. Apple is also expected to come with cheaper variants of the iPhone X, namely the rumoured ‘LCD iPhone 2018 model’ that could gather more interest amongst fans by 2018’s fourth quarter. Samsung meanwhile could be unveiling the Galaxy S9, which is expected to be a minor upgrade to the existing Galaxy S8 with a more powerful chipset and new software.

Therefore, if you decide your next smartphone on the basis of customer satisfaction, then you could be better off with a Samsung Galaxy flagship instead of a pricey Apple iPhone.


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