Woman arrested for selling newborn babies to the highest bidder on WhatsApp

A WOMAN has been arrested after her WhatsApp baby-selling ring was busted by cops in India.

Sick Julia Fernandes, 29, was nabbed stealing babies from parents and selling them via WhatsApp groups in Mumbai.

Police raided her home and seized her mobile phone, finding more than 100 pictures of babies listed “for sale.”

A police spokesman said: “We are now tracking the phone numbers who have received the WhatsApp messages and photos from Fernandes.

“We are [also] in the process of tracking those couples [who have bought babies] and rescuing the babies.”

Twisted Fernandes admitted her role during police questioning but insisted she was just a middleman for a criminal gang.

She told officers they would find willing buyers by scouring IVF centres for those who were struggling to conceive naturally.

Police swooped to arrest Fernandes after an anonymous tip off, intercepting a stolen child in the process.


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